My Work


I’m lucky enough to have a few friends and family members that let me experiment with their brands to better myself professionally. There’s a couple sites out there that I’ve built that are perfect for testing new SEO strategies or practicing web development, and I’m happy they trust me enough to put their name on it: is a WordPress site I built for Menuhin after seeing him perform at an underground comedy show here in Atlanta. He was so funny I was convinced I had seen someone crazy famous practicing a new set, but when  I got home I couldn’t find his material online. I reached out, and Menuhin was nice enough to let me test out and learn WP development skills using his brand and name. was a little face lift I helped out with. Princess Amanda wrote all the content and built the initial layout, and I just came in after to spruce it up a bit and apply a new layout. Princess Amanda is also nice enough to let me practice some local SEO on her pages.

I also love doing video marketing projects, specifically for nonprofits. My first job outside of college was with the Alzheimer’s Association where they were awesome and let me be as creative as I wanted in video production. Since it’s not my job anymore it’s hard to find time, but I am working on volunteering at local Atlanta nonprofits to help with video content. Here’s a few of the favorites I’ve done: